Commit 72ab3797 authored by Aleksandr Galkin's avatar Aleksandr Galkin
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Меньше проблем с parse errors

parent 65c173d8
<?php <?php
set_exception_handler(function (\Exception $e) { try {
echo $e->getMessage() . "\n"; foreach (glob('src/*.php') as $file) {
exit(1); require_once $file;
}); }
foreach (glob('src/*.php') as $file) { $desk = new Desk();
require_once $file;
$desk = new Desk(); $args = $argv;
$args = $argv; foreach ($args as $move) {
array_shift($args); $desk->move($move);
foreach ($args as $move) { $desk->dump();
$desk->move($move); } catch (\Exception $e) {
echo $e->getMessage() . "\n";
} }
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